Swim Research 4/3mm Open Water Swim wetsuit





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Designed by swimmers, perfected by C-Skins…Swim Research has been developed for both recreational swimmers and professional swimmers alike.      These swimming wetsuits are designed  for everyone, from those who enjoy sea swimming as a form of exercise or as a social group gathering, to those entering a swimming challenge event to those competing in triathlon and swim races.

C-Skins was born out of the love of the water and the life it gives us. Whether you do it to challenge your body or to cleanse your soul, C-Skins mission is to help you to swim wherever, whenever you can. To explore. To say yes, all year round. Because when you’re wearing C-skins, you’ve got 45 years of commitment and innovation in there with you, helping you to do what you love, for longer.

Wetsuit Spec:

Glideskin Xtend Neoprene
The world's fastest and lightest neoprene designed specifically for swimmers

Smoothskin Free Flex Neoprene
Excellent friction-free movement through water

4mm Bouyancy Profile
Panels located on torso, hips and legs to put your body in the best swim position possible.

High Vis Cuffs
For improved safety

Glued and Blindstitched Seams
A watertight method of construction that results in superior warmth and maximum comfort

Critically Reinforced Seams
Helps your wetsuit last longer

Seamless Action Zones
Strategically positioned seams gives you more freedom and less chafing

Nothing invigorates the senses and the soul like a swim in the great outdoors. You know the feeling: the exhilaration, the calm, the living in the right now. It’s elemental, raw, reviving. River or rockpool, loch or lido, vast ocean or tiny stream – take your wetsuit with you and you’re ready wherever, whenever the opportunity appears. To get out, to get in, to get under. To challenge your body and wake up your mind. To shake up your everyday. So whoever you are, wherever you are, why ever you do it: take one of these suits in to the water with you… and leave everything else behind.


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