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Whatever your sport or lifestyle, you’ll wonder how you ever did without a Robie Robe. With a clever, hooded and loose fitting design, the Robie Robe is perfect for staying warm and dry in any weather. More than a beach towel, Robie Robes allow you to change into and out of your wetsuit or swim clothes easily without embarrassment. The cozy terry cloth and velour fabric lets you easily dry off and keep warm from head to toe.   Available in different sizes.  Adult €55.   Junior €45.

Stay warm and change your underwear. That’s what your parents always told you.  Now you can do both and never have to leave the beach.

Designed in Cornwall, UK and made from the highest quality Turkish cotton, these authentic Robie Robes are highly durable with 100% cotton velour on the outside and cosy terry towelling on the inside.

The hooded design and ample length will keep you warm and dry with room enough to protect your modesty when changing.  It’s an essential item for every surfer, swimmer or water sports enthusiast.

Generous cut for easy changing
outer – 100% cotton velour
inner – soft towelling

We are not all the same shape and height, so Robies have designed 3 different sized robes for you.

JUNIOR ROBES: Perfect for kids 4’6″ tall and under.
Length of robe 84 cm and width 60 cm.

SMALL ROBES: Perfect for teenagers to adults between 4'6" and 5’4″ tall .
Length of robe 102 cm and width 75 cm.

MEDIUM ROBES: Perfect for adult men and women between 5’4″ tall and 6'.
Length of robe 110 cm and width 80 cm.

LARGE ROBES: Perfect for adult men and women 6′ tall and over.
Length 130 cm and width 80 cm.

Surfers, windsurfers, kite surfers and swimmers love them especially in the winter because when you get out of the freezing cold water you can get straight into your Robie Robe Changing Robe. In the Robie Robes range, there is a size and colour to fit everyone. Men, Women & Children.

Outdoor swimmers love the Robie Robe Changing Robe as its perfect for when you get out of the water whether it be the sea, lake or river – its really important to warm up so you dont catch a cold. So if you’re surfing in the sea or a wave pool, paddle boarding in a lake or loch or swimming outdoors, getting warm and drying quickly after leaving the water is important to ensure that you don’t catch a cold or get sick.

Wetsuits aren’t the easiest thing to get in and out of and you can quite often feel the need to cover up while changing, so why not purchase the original and the best Robie Robe Changing Robe from our website. You’ll wish you had bought one sooner because you’ll be warm and dry as you get changed in those freezing and wet winter months.  Even kids can be seen running around the beach in the summer playing, wearing a Robie Robe after they have come out of the water, just so they can warm up quicker.

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