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O'NEILL HYPERFREAK 5/4+MM CHEST ZIP WETSUIT 2021 - colour gunmetal

These new winter O'Neill Hyperfreak 5/4+mm chest zip wetsuit for Women have been upgraded to now include fully taped seams to ensure no water intake whilst maintaining flexibility. The + relates to an extra 0.5mm of Technobutter 3 neoprene on the body of the suit and an extra 0.5mm of 3X neoprene on the arms and shoulder  giving you additional warmth and still maintaining the incredible flexibility. A brilliant suit for those in the water throughout the winter months in the coldest of conditions. The extra thickness ensures you stay even warmer and last longer in the ccld water.

Check it out , try it on and see, these new wetsuits with the new Technobutter 3 & 3X neoprene are absolutely amazing. Weirdly it feels like an item of clothing to the touch and is the most flexible neoprene we have ever seen. When it's is on it truly is the most comfortable suit we have ever tried and it's not just about how it feels as the technology gone into this suit is mind blowing. The neoprene is pre stretch so you will not lose shape over time and it is just the lightest, most flexible and soft material ever created by O'Neill.

Technobutter 3 is simply the best neoprene we have ever encountered and the inner part of the suit you will see the lines designed to drain any water from the suit whilst you are in the water.  Enjoying your water sport even more.

- Thickness 5.5mm / 4.5mm
- Extra 0.5mm Neoprene Throughout The Wetsuit (Extra Warmth)
- Fuze Clousure System (Chest Zip Entry)
- Minimal Seam Design (Giving You Incredible Flexibility)
- 360 Degree Barrier With Drain Holes (Prevents Intake Of Water Into The Wetsuit)
- Double Seal Neck (For Comfort & Warmth)
- Full Body / Legs Uses Technobutter 3 Neoprene
- Arms / Shoulders Uses Technobutter 3X Neoprene (Simply The Most Flexible Neoprene On The Market)
- TB3X Fully Taped Seams (Seals All The Seams In The Wetsuit & Stretches As You Move)

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