C-Skins junior Legend Boots
The C-Skins Legend boots emphasize quality, durability, warmth and unbeatable value for money



Choose Your Size:


3.5mm Junior Wetsuit Boot, with double glued and blindstitched seams.    Without Zips: €29.   With Zips: €35.

•Multi Layer Sole Rubber reinforcement: ultimate grip and stick
•Rubber reinforced foxing: achilles/ankle support
•Foot Arch Flex System
•Toe Flex cut-outs


The boots are available without zips ( you just pull on the boots), , or with a zip in each boot to make putting them on and taking them off easier.  Zips in each pair of boots adds 6 euro to the price of the pair of boots.

If you are wondering about sizes, another idea is if you get a cm tape and measure the overall, maximum length of the kids existing shoes. ( you may be surprised!).

The size M wetsuit boot is approx 19 cm outside overall length.

The size L wetsuit boot is approx 21.5 cm outside overall length.

The size XL wetsuit boot is approx 24 cm outside overall length.

The size XXL wetsuit boot is approx 25.5 cm outside overall length.

Note: the XXL boots are really size UK 5/6 when compared with other makes / models of boots 

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