C-Skins junior Legend Boots XS,M,L
The C-Skins Legend boots emphasize quality, durability, warmth and unbeatable value for money



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3.5mm Junior Wetsuit Boot, with double glued and blindstitched seams.    Without Zips: €27.   With Zips: €30.

•Multi Layer Sole Rubber reinforcement: ultimate grip and stick
•Rubber reinforced foxing: achilles/ankle support
•Foot Arch Flex System
•Toe Flex cut-outs


The boots are available without zips ( you just pull on the boots), , or with a zip in each boot to make putting them on and taking them off easier.  Zips in each pair of boots adds 5 euro to the price of the pair of boots.

If you are wondering about sizes, another idea is if you get a cm tape and measure the overall, maximum length of the kids existing shoes. ( you may be surprised!).
The size L wetsuit boot is approx 21.5 cm outside overall length.
The size XL wetsuit boot is approx 24 cm outside overall length.

Note: the XXL boots may  have printed size UK 4/5  ( US 5/6) on the inside of them but this is a misprint ....they are really size UK 5/6 when compared with other makes / models of boots, so I have indicated that size XXL is really size 5/6 above. 

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