Rooster Safety knife





The Rooster Safety Knife is breathtaking in its efficiency at cutting all kinds of rope. Its unusual design is the secret - it uses a patented channel to allow the full length of the rope to cross the Sheffield Steel blade but at the same time it is not an open blade - so it's a knife you can trust with your kids.

Top 49er sailor Ben McGrane had this to say about the Rooster Safety Knife: "The Rooster Safety knife is superb at cutting even the toughest rope we use on the 49er, it's light and easy to take out on the boat. It's important to have confidence in your kit and I certainly have confidence in this."

Perhaps even more important when acting as a safety boat driver and you have a sailor in the water with lines around them. Is your knife easily opened? Can you be sure to cut the line and not the sailor in the water? In an emergency, time is important to ensure the speedy and effective release of a sailor from the scene of the accident. It's important to have a Rooster Safety knife on hand. The curved, snub nosed body of the Rooster Safety Knife is extremely light and has an internal surgical stainless steel blade which is inaccessible to flesh, so it's safe to use too!

Cutting up to 10mm rope is a synch.

Featuring a moulded body with a replaceable stainless steel blade.

The opposed slopes at the back of the blade reduces friction resistance which enables a smooth and more effective cut.
Fast Easy Blade Change.
Ergonomic design.

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