Rooster Hot Socks 0.5mm



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Rooster 0.5mm hot socks, to wear inside your wetsuit boots, to reflect the heat back in and keep your feet really warm!

Brand new and unused, still in packaging.

Rooster Hot Socks - a revolution in warmth - a 0.5mm titanium layer that is both comfortable and warm. Wear them under your normal sailing boots or wetsuit boots for extra warmth - remember layers are better than thickness!  They are not very thick so they do not take up much space in your boots, yet they are incredibly warm.  Titanium neoprene acts in a similar way to a survival blanket, the titanium impregnated reflective layer is sandwiched between the neoprene and the interior nylon lining, this lining reflects radiated heat back to the body.

Great for Optimist, topper, mirror dinghy, laser sailors, kayaking, surfing etc

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