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O'Neill's top of the range wetsuit, the Psycho Freak, has been redesigned for the 2018 / 2019 season. O'Neill have put every trick they have learned during the last 60 years of making the finest wetsuits to bring you this super flexible, warm and quick drying wetsuit.... You want the best there is, here it is.

The Materials:

Technobutter 3: An exterior jersey material that is highly stretchy, durable, soft and hydrophobic. The finest technical yarns are highly water resistant yet tough enough to withstand the heaviest surf sessions. Velcro resistant and soft feel to touch is just the icing on the cake.
Envy Neoprene: Microscopic air cells are held in the rubber core. Air is a fantastic insulator, so as these air cells warm up, this in turn warms the neoprene, making you a warmer and happier surfer. The air in the neoprene also makes it lighter by decreasing the mass. Unlike many other lightweight foams, Envy Neoprene retains its structure after repeated use.
TB3X: An interior jersey that is O'Neill's lightest and stretchiest ever. The TB3X is actually pre stretched to break the fibers to a point that they're flexed to the max, yet still hold their form. It's low profile also increases warmth by shedding water away from your skin.

F.U.Z.E. Closure - O'Neill's exclusive front upper zip entry uses the patented free floating zipper technology to keep you dry and allow for unrestricted flexibility
TB-Air Firewall Smoothskin - A highly insulative neoprene that traps air for warmth and is super fast drying.
Super-Seam Weld - A 4mm Urethane seal applied to both sides of seam. Stitchless, lightweight, flexible and non-chafing
Super Seal Handcuffs - A low profile, bonded cuff seal to keep water out. O'Neill's ultimate seal system creates the perfect seal to eliminate water entry even on the biggest wipeouts
Redzone Water Resistant Zipper
360° Barrier with drainholes
20% TB3 | 20% TB3 Air-Firewall Smoothskin | 60% TB3 Firewall

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