Gul G-Force ladies 3mm wetsuit
3mm body and legs with 2mm arms.
Stunning wetsuit, stunning value.



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The G-Force is an entry level suit designed to get you in the water for the first time. Even with the low price point the G-Force still offers some impressive tech; keep warm with titanium 2 lined neoprene and the flatlock seam construction ensures durability. If you're looking to get started in watersports, and looking for a budget 3mm full length wetsuit with 2mm arms, this should be your choice.     

•100% D-Flex panels for durability
•Flatlock durable seam construction
•Velcro adjustable neck
•Smooth-Skin chest and back
•Titanium 2 lined neoprene reflects the heat back in
•Powertex knees for flexibility and durability

Gul Ladies Size Chart UK Sizes
Size           Height                              Chest                            Waist                        Hips

UK 8          5'4"-5'5" (160-165cm)     30"-32" (76-81m)            22"-24" (56-61cm)   32"-34" (81-86cm)
UK 10        5'5"-5'6" (165-167cm)     32"-34" (81-86m)            24"-26" (61-66cm)   34"-36" (86-91cm)
UK 12        5'6"-5'7" (167-170cm)     34"-36" (86-91cm)          26"-28" (66-71cm)   36"-38" (91-97cm)
UK 12/14   5'6"-5'7" (167-170cm)     34"-36" (86-91cm)          26"-28" (66-71cm)   38"-40" (97-102cm)
UK 14        5'7"-5'8" (170-173cm)     36"-38" (91-97cm)          28"-30" (71-76cm)   38"-40" (97-102cm)
UK 16        5'8"-5'9" (173-176cm)     38"-40" (97-102cm)        30"-32" (76-81cm)   40"-42" (102-107cm)
UK 18        5'8"-5'10" (174-177cm)   40"-42" (102-107cm)      32"-34" (81-86cm)   42"-44" (107-112cm

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