C-Skins ladies + teenager towel changing robe





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Choice of size.

For mens size C-Skins changing robes, see  https://www.sunset.ie/p/cskins_towel_changing_robe

C-Skins hooded Beach Changing Robe
100% Cotton Blue, with embroidered logo.

C-Skins Hooded Towelling Changing/Beach Robe.  Quality towelling Changing Robe - so practical and fast becoming the must-have for all people changing at beaches around our Irish coastline.

The design allows you to cover up while you wriggle in and out of your wetsuit and in and out of your clothes.

Kids size will fot uo to age 10 / 12.

The teenager size will fit  everyone from 10  year olds up to small ladies / medium ladies.


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