C-Skins Black Witch Wetsuit Neoprene Repair Kit





C-Skins Black Witch Wetsuit Neoprene Repair Kit Glue Adhesive and Patches
McNett Black Witch is the most popular Neoprene Adhesive glue in the world. The new toluene free Black Witch is suitable for quick (up to one hour) repairs of Neoprene rips and tears, especially where rubber is directly bonded together. Black Witch is also suitable for use on latex wrist and neck seals, etc. 

This kit comes with various sizes of neoprene 8 patches (1mm) to patch various sizes of rip or tear, and a 28 Gram tube.   Black Witch is a black coloured, brushable, general purpose contact adhesive. It exhibits excellent adhesion to most surfaces and has good heat resistance. Bonds may be made over a wide range of open times because of its fast flash off and long open time. Product description Black Witch is a ready to use solvent-based adhesive. The good adhesion to neoprene, rubber and various types of flexible plastics makes it perfect for fast repair of diving and other watersports equipment. The fast-curing time is advantageous for quick field repair on the boot or at the seaside. The consistency of the uncured material allows relatively easy application by brush. After curing, the material shows full flexibility and exhibits very good resistance to weathering, ageing, moisture and UV light.

Surface condition: Before use make sure that surfaces to be bonded are clean, dry and free from dust and grease. Instructions for use, application: Apply using a short, stiff brush. Apply a thin even coat of adhesive to both surfaces. When surfaces become 'touch dry' (i.e. adhesive is glossy and no longer transfers to the knuckles) align the bond edges and bond under maximum pressure.

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