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The Java features above all an excellent glide/stability ratio, it’s a high performance sea-going single-seater, longer than the Bilbao to allow you to take on even more ambitious outings and trips. Combining an innovative hull and a neat design, it also gives you equally high quality features: a wide, flat rear storage area for carrying sizeable loads, integral wheels/rollers for easy transportation, plus a moulded deck insert for storing the wheels/rollers while sailing, all conceived to help you get in and out of the water with the minimum of effort.

Comes complete with paddle.

Length               13'5"
Width                   28''
Weight            64 lbs
design   JMC-Design
max_load      330 lbs

• Ergonomic cockpit = increased paddle-comfort.
• Vast rear storage area = can carry sizeable load of equipment for long trips or fishing.
• Wide, deep, triple-volume hull design = excellent steering control, great performance in sea conditions, glide.
• Integral roller system using removable wheels that are stored under the rear deck when on the water = easy transportation to the water edge without needing a trolley.
• Built-in adjustable foot rests = wide range of paddle position settings, paddle comfort.
• Design-led concept = aesthetically pleasing, great ergonomics.
• Integral rear protection runner and front bumper = longevity.



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